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Book Reviews

Inside View of a Book

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Book Reviews by RIFSoCal Kids allow us to see value in books from a child’s point of view. The following are a few of thousands of thank you notes containing reviews of the books chosen by our kids. They are poignant, funny, and honest as only a child can be.


“Dear RIF, I am writing to

thank you for the new book.

I chose, “Dinomummy, The

Life, Death, and Discovery

of Dakota, a Dinosaur from

Hell Creek€”. I like this book

because I want to grow up

and study and look for

dinosaurs. I picked this book

because it has a lot of

information of Dakota, a

famous dinosaur. I appreciate this book for students to learn about dinosaurs.


Your Friend,


Jack Sparrow: The Age of Bronze

“Thank you for the book. I really loved it. It’€™s called Jack Sparrow: the Age of the Bronze. It’€™s a wonderful and interesting, most Amazing book in the world. I want to collect all of them. I would love to read all the chapters. Sincerely, You rock, RIF,



Main Street by Ann Martin

“Thank you for giving us

the wonderful books. I got

a book called Main Street:

Best Friends. So far I read

to pg. 11 and it got

interesting. When I read it,

I don’t want to stop. When

I stop I see what’s

happening and I want to

read it more and more…

Thank you very much for sending all these wonderful books. I hope you send us lots more books so I could get a chance to read all of them.

Your Friend,



Dear RIF, 

Thank you for organizing the book fair. My

son enjoys reading so much. When the

teacher said to pick one book to take home,

he was so excited. 

The book my son chose is titled, 

Oops-a-Daisy! by Claire Freedman. What my son likes about this story is that the baby rabbit does not stop trying to jump and hop.


He noticed that other baby animals in the story are going through the same baby steps. This story has helped my son to view trial and error as a learning lesson and that practice makes perfect.  

Please continue to provide our children books to help them develop into mature, confident, and respectful people. 

Thank you,


Bear At Home

I am writing to thank you for the 

Bear At Home book and to tell you

how much my son, Luc, enjoyed

reading this book that he received.

It is officially his favorite book,

and [he] has asked to have this book

be read to him over and over again!

This book is about a bear that takes the reader on a journey to explore his house. Luc’s favorite part of the story was when Luc got to explore the bear’s play room. Luc says that “I want to go play with the bear in his playroom”. Luc really got into this book and enjoyed reading it with his whole family.  



The Power of One

A parent called RIFSoCal

yesterday with an inspiring

story. She said her son had

received a free book at

his school, Marvin

Elementary. The only

contact information on

the book was our sticker.

She was calling to say it

was the first book her son

had ever shown any interest in, and was asking how could she get more. It was a book on the Civil War from Magic Treehouse Collection. The power of one book…

The Stars!

Dear RIF People, Thank you for the new book. My book’€™s name is The Stars. It is about stars. I liked the book because it has a bear and 3 birds in the sky. But my favorite part of the book is when there are yellow, blue, and red stars. I didn’€™t know that.

Your Friend,


To promote literacy and motivate children to read by providing new books to create home libraries for underserved children in Southern California.

"I want to read with my family so they

could be better readers like me."

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