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Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, I loved the day the RIF volunteers came to my school.  I am sure that my love affair with books is partly due to those free Nancy Drew mysteries and The Little Prince books I was able to get!  Yes, like most children I went to the public library, but there was nothing like having my OWN books to read…and not have to give back.  Books provided me with a way to experience far-away places and jobs I only saw on TV.  I want to volunteer for RIF to share my personal experiences with others who want their own books for all the same reasons, for fun, for learning, for an imaginative escape into an adventure!  As an educator for over 16 years, I know that children need access to books of their own choosing that will engage and encourage them to read, read, read!  RIF continues to provide lots of great books that appeal to today’s diverse readers!

Carol Lane Pitts

Costa Mesa, CA


"Nothing compares to the feeling one gets seeing the joy in the student’s faces as they choose their own book to take home.  They can hardly contain their excitement and are so eager to share their new treasure with all of their classmates.  I am so thankful RIFSoCal allowed me to bring their wonderful program to my new school site.  I can’t imagine a year without this incredible support!”


Dr. Jeff Lagozzino 

Mountain View Head Start


Juliette Low has had the good fortune to have had the RIF program for the past several years, and it has been invaluable for our students, many of whom would have no books at home if it were not for this program.  


Debra A. Von Sprecken, Ph.D.


Juliette Low School




Our school recently became a Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California school and I am writing to share with you the success I have seen with this wonderful program.

Our school serves 840 Title I students and families, 70% of whom are English Language Learners. We are located near the “block of Orange Outlets and serve students who have limited printed books in their homes. Unless students have books in their hands, it will be difficult to get reading fluency scores to move up or SRI scores to jump, and that is one reason why this program is so helpful.

I am fully supportive of this program and I can see students excited about getting their books and wanting to read at home and at school. I highly recommend this program to any principal that is struggling with motivating students to read at home and for families that have limited reading books. 


Dr. Maria Chairez,


Lampson Elementary School




Thank you so much for your dedication in bringing hope, imagination and dreams to the children of Southern California through the RIFSoCal Program.


Jon Alan Webber

COACH For Kids & Their Families




Thanks to the RIFSoCal team for the passion and relentless effort in supplying all children with that LOVE of books and reading!


Angie Stokes, M.S.Ed., M.Ed.

Director, Education Services Department

John Tracy Clinic



I have hopes that Montebello Gardens Elementary is selected to participate in your OUTSTANDING program!  The students were thrilled to choose a book (3 times last year) and be able to take it home!!!!


Norma J. Perez





"My Daughter chose On the Road, a book about vehicles. She couldn't wait to share it with her dad during their evening reading time. It is an awesome thing to see children excited about reading.”


Love, an appreciative mother




“Thank you for the RIF Books. Thank you for adopting our school. The free books will help us learn. They will help us love reading. I enjoyed reading my book about the tropical rainforest. I learned that we need to save the tropical rainforest. It was thoughtful of you to help our school. It made me adore reading.”











“Children love to get their hands-on new books. They carry them around for days to  

read during play times!"


"Ask the teachers. Ask the children. I don't believe anyone could imagine not having RIF."


"Ninety-percent of those we serve live at or below the poverty level and the excitement each child has at the thought of choosing something that is their 'own' is priceless." 

To promote literacy and motivate children to read by providing new books to create home libraries for underserved children in Southern California.

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"I want to read with my family so they

could be better readers like me."

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