More Summer Reading Resources

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Thank you for using the resources we listed last summer. We’ve had some feedback and some additional suggestions: Thanks to Danielle from Colorado for recommending the following websites:

The following website has interesting facts and information across the curriculum. Keep your passion for learning alive over the summer and explore the whole site.

...and if you like the Tale of Peter Rabbit…follow this link: ...but watch out for Mr. McGregor!!!

Summer Reading Resources

During the summer months when students are not in school, many of them suffer a setback of more than two months of grade-level equivalency which educators refer to as “€œsummer learning loss”€ or “€œsummer slide.”€ One of the best solutions to this problem is for children to read more during the summer. In addition to weekly family trips to the library, there are many free programs and internet sites to encourage students to continue reading for fun and information. This helps them to retain their vocabulary and comprehension skills as well as to entertain themselves in a positive way.

Library Reading Programs: contact your local public library to see what reading programs are available. Schedule a weekly trip to the library with your children for quality time together.

The following are online resources, many of them interactive, and many with ‘read alongs’ to help with pronunciation and word recognition.












Los Angeles Public Library’€™s kidspath is an excellent source to explore with your children:

The Kidspath has a reading program through the internet:

It also contains the Tumble Book Library featuring interactive stories, games, and other literacy-based fun for children. Books are available mainly in English, with a section of Spanish, and even a few stories in French and Chinese!





















Another great interactive site is: ; This is a wonderful site where members of the Screen Actor’€™s Guild read stories to your children.














Young children love Clifford, so have them visit him at Scholastic for literacy fun, games, and stories:
Stories are available in English and Spanish.

Children who are just learning phonics and beginning reading skills enjoy the Starfall website:
The following website contains interesting illustrated stories for wide age and reading range; however, only a few have audio:
***************************************************************************************************************So, no matter what family activities and events are planned for this summer, RIFSoCal encourages you to include some reading. Make it fun, make it last!

More Summer Reading Resources

RIFSoCal is extremely fortunate to have

forged a partnership with First Book, and

their online store, First Book Marketplace

. First Book is dedicated to providing

high-quality books at discounted prices to organizations serving low income families.  Our partnership with First Book allows RIFSoCal to provide many more children with the best possible quality books available. The video clip below highlights the cross promotional partnership between Reading Is Fundamental and First Book. Together we provide new books to children in need, addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy - access to books.

To promote literacy and motivate children to read by providing new books to create home libraries for underserved children in Southern California.

Reading Is Fundamental

Of Southern California Incorporated

"I want to read with my family so they

could be better readers like me."

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